How did Cayden’s Craft Corner came to life.

My name is Cayden and I love craft and so much that I travel around Australia doing art and craft. I travel with my family as my mother is a travelling Naturpath and she does talks about health and other things. The idea of taking craft on the road come from the fact that parents that take their kids alone to the talk my mum does had nothing to do, so I thought i love craft and i also love learning from other people so that’s where it all started as an idea.

Caydens craft corner is a place for kids that went along with their parents would talk to me and play and loving craft i would be drawing or doing something like that, they would want to also draw or do craft with me, so I thought if I offer some art supplies then the kids could do craft and we would all have enough supplies to do some good art works. So in short that’s were the idea of craft corner come from.



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